|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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New statue in Puerto will pay homage to fishermen 


Puerto de la Cruz will have its own sculpture in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors, fulfilling a request from a group of fishermen from the northern municipality.

In this way, the sea workers will have their venerated image in a public space where embarkation and disembarkation is carried out. The place chosen for its location is the site of the pier’s old crane, in the old port, behind the House of the Royal Customs.

The initiative follows a request from the Fishermen’s Association of Puerto de la Cruz which has been raising funds for the creation and installation of the sculpture which began recently as part of the events organised by the Fishermen’s Guild in honour of the “Virgin Chiquita” .

Councillor for culture Sandra Rodríguez González said the project fitted in very well with Puerto’s culture strategy.

The image, which will be placed in the direction of the mouth of the port, will have a height of 1.8 metres and will be built in bronze. It will be located on a rock of basalt of irregular form. The interven-tion will be completed with the creation of a Canary type garden with cactus and native flowers.

The image will be made by the prestigious sculptor Rodrigo Rodríguez López with the Canarian workshop Bronze Sculptures in charge of the castings.

“The presence of the image of the patron saint of sailors within the precincts of the port of Puerto de la Cruz will be an additional source of pride and joy for many sailors and residents of our municipality,” said a spokesman for the Fishermen’s Association of Puerto de la Cruz.