|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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New farmers’ market in Valle San Lorenzo ready in October 


The Arona Farmers’ Market will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to offer both producers and consumers high quality, reliability and the best possible care.

To this end, in the coming weeks, the installation of scales will begin at more than 60 points of sale, which will be connected to a central computer and will issue a simplified invoice in which information about the purchased item and the producer will appear.

“For the purchase of these scales, weighing equipment that comply with current regulations, we have allocated 32,500 euros,” says Councillor for Economic Promotion, Employment and Primary Sector, Dácil León Reverón, who added that work in the

interior of the Farmers’ Market, which is located in the old facilities of Coslo in Valle San Lorenzo, “is almost finished.”

“We already have the fridges and, shortly, we will get the boxes for the fruit and vegetables that we will later distribute among the producers that sell in our market.”

Parking for 70 vehicles is also being prepared.

“The children’s play area, set with agricultural motifs, is already equipped and parents can leave their children in this entertainment space while they shop,” adds the head of Economic Promotion.

Arona council is said to be “very excited” about the start of this new facility, scheduled for October.

The market will open every Saturday and Sunday, between 8am and 2pm “which will help promote and revalue the primary sector of our municipality,” says Dácil León.

About 100 people dedicated to agriculture and livestock are registered in Arona, many of them integrated in the Association of the Primary Sector of Arona (ASPA).

“Thus the arrival of this service will not only allow producers to have an adequate and appropriate place to sell their products but also will boost an economic sector on which many Arona families live.”

Leon Reverón said another characteristic of the Farmers’ Market in the municipality “is that we will not ask for exclusivity of our producers, so that farmers who are selling in other markets can continue to do so.”