|Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Loro Parque welcomes new trio of sea lion pups 


Loro Parque at Puerto de la Cruz has welcomed some new ultra-cute new members to its family!

This time, the centre of everyone’s attention are three sea lion pups, one male and two females, who came into the world in a perfect health.

Thanks to this latest arrival, the number of these animals in Loro Parque has increased to 13, with the best welfare provided to these amazing marine mammals.

The births occurred in a specially designed area to ensure the safety and tranquillity of the mothers and offspring and the process all went very naturally.

“At first, they will be only receiving the breast milk that will provide them with the necessary nutrients and fat to waterproof their coat,” a spokesman explained.

“Once they reach the age of six months, they will start combining milk and fish in their diet. As they turn one year old, they will finally enter into the age when they become completely independent from their mothers. “

The new members of the Loro Parque’s family are developing well in the company of their mothers Brisa, Marta and Maggie and under a comprehensive care of their trainers and veterinarians that guarantee the well-being of these animals that already weigh over ten kilos each.

The California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) belongs to the pinniped mammal species of the family Otariidae that lives on the coasts of the North Pacific. They are characte-rised by a great difference in size between males and females, since the males weigh between 300 and 380 kilos, while females barely reach 90 to 100 kilos.

They feed on fish and mollusks and are the only mammals whose milk does not contain lactose. They are very sociable and playful, the reason why they live in numerous groups, where they interact constantly.

“The future is uncertain for many species of sea lions, as the years of destruction of their natural habitat by humans have really taken its toll on their populations,” says Loro Parque. “Due to global overfishing and changes in ocean temperature that, in turn, affect the nutrient cycles, many of these animals are malnourished or starve to death.”

” Despite the on-going conservation efforts, there is still a lot of work to be done, which is why the modern zoos like Loro Parque are putting forth efforts in protection and conservation of this and many other species of endangered animals.”