|Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Keep safe for the summer and pack a first aid kit 


Medics in the Canaries have advised holidaymakers to keep safe for the summer by packing one essential piece of luggage, a first aid kit.

They say this is a vital tool which will help in various incidents and prevent injuries and minor illnesses become more serious.

The advice comes from the Canarian Emergency Service (SUC), part of the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands.

“Prevention, as the first link in the chain of survival, must also be present during the holidays and especially when we move to other destinations outside the country,” said a spokesman.

For those with an existing condition, the SUC says they must remember to pack their medicine but also a note in English from their doctor saying what their condition is and what medicine they are taking.

It might be advisable to carry some of these medicines in hand luggage in case suitcases are lost or delayed so these will need to be declared at the security checks. They should be kept in their original medicine boxes.

Apart from this, says the SUC, a medicine travel box should include items such as gel alcohol, antiseptic, bandages or strips, sterile gauze, bandages, latex gloves, thermometer, scissors and water purification tablets, depending on the destination.

The most frequent ailments suffered on holiday are tummy runs, headaches, sickness, dizziness, cuts and fever so bring with you remedies for these as well.

The Canary Emergency Service recommends caution with sunburn and mosquito bites, so the coordinating doctors insist on the need to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent and post-solar gel or aloe vera.

Finally, depending on the destination and type of travel, especially for countries outside the European Union, a list of useful emergency telephone numbers can be included, which you can call if you need help.

If your the trip is made within the Spanish or European territory, remember that the emergency telephone number is 1-1-2 through which you can count on the assessment of a doctor and urgent medical care during the 24 hours of the day (service available in English).