|Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Foreign workers in Spain show another increase 

The average number of foreign citizens registered with Spanish Social Security system stood at 1,875,413 in June.

The number of foreign workers rose by 13,822. The largest groups of foreign workers come from Romania (340,086), Morocco (230,470), Italy (100,816), China (99,437) and Ecuador (71,104).

These countries are followed by the United Kingdom (65,360), Bulgaria (60,204), Colombia (56,629) and Bolivia (50,431).

A month-on-month rise of 0.74 per cent was posted, equivalent to 13,822 more workers. The year-on-year rate of foreign workers rose by 7.3 per cent, 127,612 more workers than in June 2016.

In month-on-month terms, the number of foreign National Insurance contributors rose in all autonomous regions and cities, except Andalusia (down 10.17 per cent), the Region of Murcia (down 5.38 per cent), Navarre (down 0.46 per cent), the Region of Valencia (down 0.26 per cent), La Rioja (down 0.19 per cent) and Melilla (down 0.92 per cent).

The figures posted for June show that 1,074,995 of the total foreign citizens registered with the Spanish Social Security system are from countries outside of the European Union, while the remaining 800,418 are from EU countries.