|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Construction leaders back call for better mobility and connectivity 

Construction leaders in Tenerife are backing Adeje’s Mayor in his call for mobility, connectivity and sanitation for the south of the island.

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga recently received part of the board of directors of the Provincial Federation of Construction Entities (Fepeco) with its president, Oscar Izquierdo.

The meeting, which was carried out at the request of the construction company, helped the organisation to show its full support for the demands of Rodríguez Fraga and the other mayors from the south to improve the key infrastructure in this part of the island of Tenerife.

Oscar Izquierdo, in the name of Fepeco, said after the meeting with the mayor that in many services provided in the south, citizens received a second level compared to the metropolitan area, such as with health.

“We can’t talk about a southern hospital because the current healthcare centre lacks sanitary beds and operating theatres, indispensable questions when you talk about a hospital,” he said.

Sr. Fraga and Sr. Izquierdo recalled that 23 years ago the institutions they both represent along with other councils in the region already held a similar meeting in which exactly the same issues were claimed, already identified at that time as key problems in the south of Tenerife : mobility, connectivity and health.

“”We are not tired of saying that there has been a lack of foresight on the part of the supramunicipal administra-tions, that are the competent ones, and we continue insisting that it is necessary to tackle these three problems,” said Adeje’s Mayor.

“Fepeco knows at first hand these requests of the municipalities and mayors of the south and support them not only now but for more than two decades in which we have been putting together the same issues, without any remedy “.

Oscar Izquierdo agreed: “”The south is the economic and social lung of the island of Tenerife, but this qualitative and quantitative importance does not correspond to the provision of basic equipment and infrastructure that are needed for a territory to have a dynamic and development in accordance with its needs.”

For Fepeco, the connectivity problem is centred on the Tenerife South airport and the organisation is requesting the intervention of the Canary Islands Government to seek immediate solutions.

They want the opening of a second runway and terrminal to be priorities.

Rodríguez Fraga and Sr. Izquierdo shared the same claims regarding the status of road improvements, both in the third lane of the TF1 motorway and in the completion of the island ring.

“There has been a lack of historical planning, we are living an unsustainable situation, which affects thousands of Tenerife citizens who suffer endless queues and also tourists who visit us,” said the Mayor.

“The south highway has become an urban road and that creates great difficulties, you have to articulate other routes, an island corridor that really does remove traffic from the tourist areas. In addition, it is necessary to resolve and budget the third lane and to planthe route of the highway that only in the section of Adeje has eight links.”

For Fepeco the third lane of the TF1 and the ring closure are priority works that should facilitate the mobility of the whole island to alleviate traffic and improve people’s lives.

The organisation says Tenerife is divided structurally with poorly planned north-south connectivity, adding: “The greatest job supply is in the south, while the greater demand for work and unemployment is in the north. If we unite the north and south with good connections and make citizens able to move quickly, comfortably and, above all, safe, we would be alleviating both situations. “