|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Coca Cola plant in Tenerife prospers during double boom 


The increase in summer temperatures and visitors to the Canary Islands during the summer have meant that the Coca-Cola plant in Tenerife increased its production in June and July by 29 per cent compared to the low season.

“The good weather condi-tions coinciding with the holiday periods leads consumers to change their consumption habits. This, together with the increase in tourist flow, means an increase in sales of Coca-Cola products, which is directly reflected in the increase in production, which has also been accompanied by an increase in the workforce “says Karin Biederlack de Salas , manager of the Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia plant in Tenerife.

Over the last few months, and to meet the demand for Coca-Cola products, the Tenerife plant has gone from bottling about 350,000 litres on average to almost half a million litres a day. July 26th was the day with the greatest production, with about 900,000 litres bottled.

This increase has made it necessary to increase the number of production shifts at the weekend during the month of July, as well as the work-force, which has increased by around five per cent, mainly in the production and logistics areas.

One of the innovations this summer has been the launch of the new bottle of Fanta Slider, produced in the factory of Tenerife. This bottle has a larger volume, from 200 ml to 237 ml, and a design adapted to the trends of the hotel industry.

According to Coca-Cola’s commitment to sustainability, the new Fanta Slider refillable bottle is lighter, only 85gr, which means a 25.76% less weight.

“We have incorporated the best manufacturing techniques into the new Slider bottle, which has made it much lighter. This implies less use of glass and less weight in transport. In addition, because it is a returnable glass bottle, we contribute to encourage the reuse of packaging, “explained Rolando Soler, Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia in the Canary Islands.

The environmental commitment in the innovation of new products is also present in other areas of the activity of the plant, since the protection of the environment is a priority. Coca-Cola works every day to minimise its environmental footprint through various initiatives aimed at packaging sustainability, improving and protecting water, reducing emissions, promoting sustain-able agriculture and safeguar-ding biodiversity.

Coca-Cola European Part-ners’ plants in Spain run on ‘green’ energy. Thanks to this, and to improving the efficiency of energy use in production processes, the carbon footprint has decreased by 11% between 2010 and 2015. In 2016, it has been possible to reduce manufacturing activities by 70% To 2010.

In addition, the company is constantly working to reduce the weight of packaging and increase the use of recycled material.

The Coca-Cola European Partners plant in Tacoronte began operations in 1997. It now has six sites in the Canaries, in addition to the production plant. In total, Coca-Cola European Partners serves more than 16,000 customers in the Canary Islands, whom it reaches periodically and advises commercially.