|Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Santa Cruz to promote military past as tourism attraction 

Santa Cruz is to embark on a major project to make more of its military history and make it more of a tourist attraction.

This will include restoring the batteries of the city which date back to the First World War.

Experts gave their backing to the idea during the International Meeting of Recent Military Heritage held in the capital. They agreed that this unique heritage should be made more available to visitors.

Councillor for historic heritage, Yolanda Moliné said they will now promote an agreement with the other administrations with competences in the matter the Cabildo and Govern-ment of the Canary Islands- to develop actions that allow their use of tourism and cultural.

The document of conclusions recalls that Santa Cruz de Tenerife always had, since the Conquest, fortifications in its coast. Thus, from north to south, it came to have more than a dozen forts, batteries and castles that made it the stronghold of the archipelago until the 18th century. The same model was followed in the following two centuries, with a rosary of new batteries created in the last third of the XIX and in the 40s of the XX.

Sadly, a number of the batteries have been lost over the years and others left in a state of abandonment. One of these is in San Andrés.

The experts advised that they needed to be urgently restored, especially given the listed status of some of the countryside and greater awareness should be fostered.

They are recommending the formation of a special team to develop the idea further, collect information, look into land ownership and so on. Then, various priorities could be determined and an action plan and timescale developed.