|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Rajoy hits back at “no confidence” vote 

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has responded to a vote of “no confidence” by the Podemos party by saying: “Our institutions work, crime is prosecuted and the economy is recovering.”

Describing the moption as “frivolous”, he offered up a series of figures: Spain is growing by three per cent year-on-year, at double the rate of the Eurozone average, 500,000 jobs are being created each year and National Insurance contributions are at an all-time high. Hr defended the track-record of his government and stressed that “no other govern-ment in this democracy has achieved comparable results”.

Sr. Rajoy said that following five years of recession, the Spanish economy has now enjoyed four straight years of growth at a rate of three per cent, a figure that places Spain “at the head of the main economies in the Eurozone”, at double the rate of the European average. This, he said, had translated into job creation and into an increase in the number of National Insurance contribu-tors. Since 2014, half a million jobs a year have been created each year and the number of new National Insurance contribu-tors is hitting record highs month after month.

Mariano Rajoy also highlighted that the number of households with everyone out of work has dropped, as have the numbers of long-term unemployed and young job seekers. In parallel, “the number of female National Insurance contributors has hit an all-time high”. “Job creation is starting to lead to a reduction in the levels of inequality and poverty,” he said, adding: “The main cause of inequality and poverty is unemployment and fortunately job creation is increasing at an unpreceden-ted rate”. The President of the Government claimed that “the reality, however you look at it”, is “unyielding”. “Our institutions work, crime is prosecu-ted, the economy is recovering, inequalities are starting to be corrected and jobs are being created as never before”.