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Officers hurt as “kamikaze” people-smugglers ram border 

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Police in Spain are investigating a new type of people-smuggling across the border from Africa after two hair-raising incidents of “kamikaze” car runs.

At least four officers were hurt after vehicles containing hidden migrants deliberately rammed the checkpoints and tried to get away at high speed.

Members of the Civil Guard were astounded to find five Africans crammed into tiny spaces in the car, including in the boot and under the dash-board. They say someone could have been killed, either the immigrants themselves or the police.

“This is clearly premeditated,” said a spokesman for the Spanish Government. “The cars were deliberately aimed at the police and failed to stop until they crashed. It is the first time this has happened at the borders and is extremely rash and dangerous.”

Two police officers were injured when they chased after one of the drivers who got out of the car and threw his keys away. They received scratches, cuts and bruises as they arrested him.

This particular car had five immigrants hidden inside, three of them children. Another had nine!

Police believe this is all part of an organised people-smuggling plot with the people behind it demanding large sums of money to try and get their “victims” from Morocco into Spain.

The incidents have been happening at the Beni-Enzar crossing in Melilla, the main border between the two countries.

One of the cars, a Volkswagen Golf, registered in Morocco, was seen in the queue and then attempting to make a uturn. However, it then turned round and drove straight at the police.

Other officers set up a roadblock nearby and mana-ged to catch the driver, a 26-year-old Moroccan, in another street.

The five immigrants were found still inside the abanon-ded car, two in the boot, two in a false compartment under the rear seats and the fifth inside the dashboard.

They needed urgent medical help for near suffocation, numbness and disorientation.

Government delegate in Melilla, Abdelmalik El Barkani, has personally voiced his support to the civil guards who intervened.

He said it was absolutely vital to investigate this new method of people smugging which, he said, posed a real danger to all.