|Saturday, June 23, 2018
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New home for old anchor from Nelson’s flagship? 

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The old anchor from Nelson’s flagship has disappeared from its pride of place in Santa Cruz but it hasn’t been stolen!

Eagle-eyed visitors will notice that the historical icon of the ‘HMS Theseus’, found half a century ago, is no longer at its resting place in one of the green areas of avenida Francisco La Roche.

It was recently removed by the city council solely for repairs.

“One of the wooden stumps that supports this element was fractured, by the continuous action of the meteorological elements and the passage of time, ” a spokesman explained.

Fourth deputy mayor and councillor for public services, Dámaso Arteaga confirmed the authority was studying how to make more of this interesting relic from the flagship of Nelson whose troops attacked Santa Cruz in July 1797.

It will take a few months to restore but after that, it is hoped to find a new more appropriate home for the anchor so more people can see it.