|Friday, June 22, 2018
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Kitesurfers rescue five people by towing them out of ocean 

A group of kitesurfers used their skills to rescue five people by towing them out of a dangerous stretch of sea.

The dramatic rescue happened off a popular beach in Spain after a mother walking along a steep area of the sand dunes with her son lost her footing and tumbled into the ocean.

Witnesses said she mana-ged to push the youngster to safety before she plunged into the water but then was unable to get out because of the strong current under the waves.

Four men waded into the sea in a bid to help her but they also got into trouble because of the conditions.

Spanish newspapers say a group of kitesurfers who regularly use the area in Cesantes in Redondela, Galicia spotted what was going on and swung into action.

“Using their skills, they managed to turn their kitesurfs towards where the men and woman were in difficulty,” onlookers told La Voz de Galicia. “They were just unable to get out of the water. “

The spot where the near tragedy happened is where a sandy path to an island meets the main beach so the under-water currents collide without swimmers realising the dangers.

The kitesurfers managed to get to all five and whilst still dangling from their chutes, managed to drag them back to the beach, helped by the wind and their skills.

The drama was watched by a group of sunbathers on the beach and they erupted in applause when everyone was saved.

The kite-surfers, who use the area regularly to practise, have been hailed as heroes on the social network sites and may be recommended for bravery awards.