|Monday, January 21, 2019
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Health chiefs launch online summer “prevention” campaign 

Health chiefs in the Canaries have activated the annual prevention campaign of the summer season through the web veranosa-ludable.info

The aim is to prevent accidents on beaches and swimming pools, how to deal with heat waves, what kind of food is more favourable in summer or tips for travelling to exotic destinations. There is also a section on food poisoning, tick and jellyfish stings and sunburn.

“This a resource that contains a lot of information for the care of people, with a clear, simple and very visual language,” said a spokesman.

Some of the tips are:

1- Preparation of international travel, tips for travellers: More and more people are attracted to exotic destinations. Preparing a trip of this nature requires knowledge of basic preventive measures and, in some cases, specific vaccines. In this sense, both the Family Doctor and the Offices of Foreign Health and spe-cialised hospital units can advise you.

2- Protection against heat waves: Inadequate exposure to high temperatures can cause undesirable problems for our health, especially in the elderly and children. Proper hydra-tion, proper clothing and other simple preventive measures can minimise sweating.

3- Protection against sun damage: Exposure to the sun without protection or inade-quate protection causes damage that accumulates day by day on the skin. It is advisable to enjoy the sun in moderation and use adequate protection.

4- Food without risks: Following a correct, light and refreshing diet will help you to spend the summer with a suitable weight, and to keep us hydrated. Taking simple steps will prevent food poiso-ning and digestive discomfort.

5- Accidents in beaches and swimming pools: Being informed and with preventive measures we can avoid traumatisms, skin lesions, drownings and other dangerous and undesirable circums-tances during the vacations.

6- Stings. With the summer heat the number of mosquitoes increases and therefore the risk of suffering the discomfort caused by their sting. It explains how to control breeding points and how to help us in surveillance of invasive mosquitoes. It also addresses the prevention of tick-borne diseases, and advises on how to proceed with the presence of jellyfish on the beaches and what to do in case of stings.

The site www.veranosaludable.info allows access to other useful contents to avoid risks to our health, with testimonial videos featuring professionals and other experts.

It has direct access to temperature forecast of the State Meteorological Agency, health information of the beaches of the Canary Islands, beaches with Blue Flag in our Autonomous Community and useful information for accommodation establishments.