|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Fines that can be imposed even if you are not driving 

We all know that we can be fined for driving at excessive speeds, or indeed too slowly on a motorway, overtaking when not permitted, crossing a solid white line, …. the list goes on and on BUT there are fines than can be incurred when you are not even in your car or your car is not moving and in this issue, we are going to point out some of these potential hazards that we expect readers may not be aware of.

The most obvious fines would be for parking where you should not for example in a “Zona de Carga y descarga” (loading and unloading areas) outside of the permitted hours, parking in a disabled space when not a disabled driver or passenger is present, parking on a yellow line, in a yellow zig zag box, in front of a “Vado Permanente”, to name but a few.

Most people are unaware that it is illegal and you can be fined for washing your car on a public highway or carrying out repairs yourself of by using the services of a “mobile mechanic”. These fines are not high but nevertheless they exist and can be imposed by the police. Mainly these are fines set out by the local Ayuntamientos (town halls). Water, oil and other deposits can affect the roads surfaces and become a potential risk to other road users. There are of course environmental issues with these types of works and that is why car wash facilities and garages have to have and adhere to complex recycling and draining systems and also why items such as waste oil or contaminated products have to be disposed of correctly and in a safe and environmentally friendly method in line with the laws incurring either the repair garage or the petrol station a fee for the safe disposal.

Oddly enough, having a clean car can mean that you avoid a fine as there is a fine in place for not having a clean car even if the car is not going to move, the lights, reflectors and number plates must be kept clean and clearly visible as must the windows. A fine for displaying a number plate in poor or dirty condition to retract from the visibility may result in a fine of 80 euros being incurred.

Fines can also be incurred at Filling Stations. Apart from the first most prominent one i.e. not smoking when refuelling or lighting a match there are also others. A 200 euro fin can be incurred for refuelling with your lights on, or the engine running, using a mobile phone or having radio on. These activities may also lead to a loss of three points off of your licence.

Some other less known things that can mean that a fine is imposed even if the car is not moving are, not wearing a high visibility jacket (when out of the car at the scene of an accident or incident), not placing your warning triangles in the correct position, creating excessive noise (revving engines, using the horn inappropriately). The list is not exhaustive but there is one common aim and that is to improve safety.

So you have been warned!