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Santa Cruz backs new platform against the submerged economy 


Santa Cruz city council has given its support to a new campaign against the submerged economy.

The authority is supporting the new technological platform of Femete, the Federation of Metal and New Technology companies.

The “YoSoyLegal” project intends to give a significant impetus to the incorporation of new technologies and innovation in the fight against the submerged economy that exists among companies in the sector, with the aim of exerting a significant influence on their productivity and competitive-ness in the long term.

The Mayor of the city, José Manuel Bermúdez, together with the president of Femete, Alberto Villalobos; the second deputy mayor and councillor of organisation, technology and citizen participation, Marisa Zamora, and the ninth deputy mayor and councillor for economic promotion, Alfonso Cabello, presented details of the initiative at city hall.

Sr. Bermudez congratulated Femete for the project and reiterated the Consistory’s willingness to collaborate in the fight against the submerged economy and in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises in the municipality.

The Mayor pointed out in this regard that the platform provides information on legal services, on the one hand, and avoiding problems for consumers to hire companies that are not legalised and on which it is difficult to apply the legislation in defence of users .

Sr. Villalobos stressed that “YoSoyLegal” intends to continue combating the submerged economy “in the positive”, putting in value those small and medium enterprises that are totally legalised.

He added that Femete includes 26 sectoral associations and that the initiative is open to the participation of other organisations and entities, in addition to all those micro-SMEs and freelancers who so desire.

Sr. Zamora recalled that the City Council works in different lines of collaboration with Femete and that this is one of them, “which aims to tackle a complex problem, especially in Spain, which is the third country in the European Union in which the submerged economy punishes the legal productive fabric “.

Sr. Cabello stressed that any initiative that seeks to strengthen the presence of SMEs in the municipality contributed to the improve-ment of the economic situation of the municipality.

The council said that 25 per cent of the companies registered in Tenerife are in Santa Cruz and 21 perc ent of the self-employed, as well.

The project “YoSoyLegal” is a search engine for professionals, SMEs and freelancers, where anyone can easily locate, contact, send photos, compare and request quotes (no commitment), rate the service they have received and also win prizes and benefit from exclusive promotions. No search will be made for those activities that are in an irregular or illegal situation.

It is precisely in this endeavour to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the business fabric of the province so that Femete has decided to take a step further and offer through this project a new and powerful tool, designed to encourage the use of new technologies between companies of the sector in the fight against the professional intrusion and the unfair competition that the submerged economy causes.

The main objectives of this platform are the promotion of companies and professionals who are in legal status (associates or collaborators) to fight against clandestinity, in addition to providing society with added value and quality and to inform in greater depth to professionals and consumers of the guarantees offered by a legal company against an irregular or clandestine, thus raising awareness of the population.

At present, 2,281 companies or professionals are already registered in the platform.