|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Puerto makes significant progress in wage arrears 


Puerto de la Cruz has been getting to grips with wage arrears which has been a problem in the municipality for a numer of years.

In a statement isssued by the council, it has been confirmed that more than half of the workforce of the council have signed individual settlements due to wage arrears for the periods between 2015 and 2016.

Eighty-one workers, of a workforce of 150 labourers, have accepted the conditions established in the agreement ratified with the UGT union.

At the last plenary session held on June 5th, the Govern-ment Group urgently required a credit amendment to provide the necessary equipment to cover the payment of arrears ie atotal of 1,420,000 euros, 885,000 euros for 71 workers and 535,000 for employees of the Local Autonomous Organism and Archaeological Museum. These amounts would face the judgments of the High Court of Justice of the Canary Islands on the Collective Conflict corresponding to the periods 2015 and 2016.

 Of the 81 workers who have approved individual settlements, 36 correspond to the union UGT and 45 correspond to the union Intersindical Canarias, who “are detached from the guidelines established by their union and sign their indivi-dual settlements, thus ending a conflict which has lasted for many years, “explained the councillor for human resources, Antonia Maria Dominguez.

 She stressed that with the signing of these individual settlement agreements, “new judicial proceedings have been avoided, allowing workers to collect the corresponding arrears” and stressed the need to “continue on the path of negotiations to achieve peace in the workplace. “

 Puerto’s Mayor Lope Afonso valued the great negotiating effort that all workers have shown, “regardless of guide-lines”, to reach an agreement “beneficial to the individual interests of each public employee, continuous dialogue that has been carried out with all parties involved “.

 The Employment and Human Resources Department is confident that in a short period of time the agreement will extend the entire workforce, ending a collective dispute that lasts several years.