|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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New land law hailed as golden opportunity for La Gomera 

Spain’s new Land Law will provide opportunities for the development of La Gomera, politicians have stressed.

The President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, and the president of the Cabildo of La Gomera, Casimiro Curbelo, led a round table meeting to discuss the implications of the legislation.

Those present included the mayors of the island and business representatives.

Sr. Clavijo said the “Ley del Suelo” would “provide an opportunity for the develop-ment of the island, since it will allow diversification of activity and economic growth and, therefore, creation of employment “.

According to the Canarian president, the new text will become an excellent instru-ment of growth, since it has been developed with two fundamental objectives: to eliminate bureaucracy and, therefore, to accelerate both planning and development, to facilitate management of the land; and make the Canary Islands more competitive by making feasible the imple-mentation of activities that generate added value.

Fernando Clavijo explained that the main feature of this rule is that it covers rustic soil, one of the most important for an island like La Gomera.

“The Law of the Land has been drawn from the reality of each of the islands, from the debate and from the search for meeting points to take into account the characteristics of each of the islands that make up the Canaries,” he said.

“This law defends something as important to the archipelago as conservation and sustainability, while facilitating the progress of society,”

With reference to agri-cultural land, Sr. Clavijo explained that this law not only preserves it but protects it and offers the possibility of establishing activities that complement the income of the farmer or rancher. Along with this, it encourages industrial activities and those of added value.

“The text tries to end the rigidity of current regulations and lets each island decide to adjust its development model to its characteristics,” he summarised.

Casimiro Curbelo said that the approval of the new regulation will be a further step towards the diversification of the productive fabric of La Gomera, since it opens the door to the promotion of activities that until now were limited.

In this way, he highlighted the fight against the abandonment of farmland as one of the clearest examples.

“The Land Law will give us instruments to implement activities linked to the primary sector that make this a tool to generate employment and wealth,” he said.

Sr. Curbelo explained that farmers and ranchers expect a law that dealt with, among other issues, the legalisation of livestock farms; offer solutions to public or private initiatives that want to stimulate the sector, and respond to the problems of marketing and production of agricultural products.

“What we need is to be more competitive; eliminate bureaucracy; and give greater agility and efficiency to initiatives that seek the best for our land, ” said the president.