|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Major honour for Adeje school as Gold Medal presented 


Adeje’s secondary school has been presented with the municipality’s highest distinction, the “Medalla de Oro” or coveted Gold Medal.

It is one of only five institutions in Adeje to achieve the honour.

The medal was presented by the Mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga on behalf of the town following the unanimous agreement of all the political groups.

“”Today, the municipality of Adeje, represented by its council, recognises their work, their effort, at the service of one of the noblest human activities that is the training and preparation of people,” said the Mayor in the speech delivered during the ceremony held in the Adeje Convent.

The event was attended by the entire Adeje council as well as the educational community, Ana Dorta, Director General of Educational Infrastructures of the Government of the Canary Islands and representatives of associations and collectives.

Sr. Fraga said he could give many reasons why they chose to honour the school.

“One of them is that it was the first institute that opened in Adeje and for the people of my generation, who lived the hardship and lack of having no place to train, was a symbol, the beginning of a new stage,” he said.

“The second reason is that they are celebrating the 25th anniversary and it is a good time to look at that history and project it into the future. In these 25 years have passed generations of boys and girls who have graduated. The third reason is that in this quarter of a century they have been able to create a style of coexistence, an educational community, the transmission of knowledge and that is a great merit. “

The award was collected on behalf of the school by he director of IES Adeje, Félix Pérez Hernández who said: “”Today I want to express our deepest gratitude to the local corporation, especially our mayor, for this distinction and to express the feeling of our entire educational community for the role played by IES Adeje in these 25 years of history. “

“We understand this high consideration as an impetus to non-university public education. The IES Adeje today is representative of all the educational communities of Adeje and, somehow, we want to share it with everyone. A municipality that values the role played by secondary education and professional training in the development of Adeje is a municipality that clearly indicates its commitment to education and marks the way to grow as a more informed and informed society. We are very pleased that our local government is so clear and appreciated. “