|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Granadilla wants priority for water projects 


Granadilla council and Tenerife Cabildo have been liaising to discuss joint actions for the municipality over the next three years.

The Mayor, José Domingo Regalado, and the first lieutenant mayor and councillor of municipal services, Marcos González, recently held a meeting with

the vice president of the Cabildo, Aurelio Abreu, as well as with technicians of both authorities to coordinate plans for 2017 and the period 2018-2020.

Sr. Regalado said the “much-needed work” of the improvement of the Pelada sanitation network was started several months ago to solve the problem of overflow of wastewater and rainfall in this coastal area.

Shortly, adjudication of the channelling of calle El Mirador from the zone of the Saltadero to the Barranco de Cha Joaquina in San Isidro is anticipated; in addition to improving the supply network and municipal deposits, scheduled for this year.

In total, the investment in the municipality of these projects amounts to 1.6 million euros, of which more than 560,000 euros went to the sanitation network.

Sr. Gonzalez also stressed the importance of works to help the run-off problems in El Medano where residents had long been suffering.

Granadilla is also pressing for priority for other projects related to the sanitation and purification of water in the different districts of the municipality.

In order to agree on the work to be included in the next Cooperation Plan 2018-2021, the Insular Water Council has drawn up a master plan for each municipality that establishes water needs in order to comply with the European directive on sanitation and purification.