|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Arona blames previous council for unacceptable footbridges 


Arona council has blamed the previous administration for constructing footbridges which do not comply with the regulations, cost too much and had no input from local residents.

Various footbridges in the municipality therefore have to be replaced, they say, and will allow full accessibility to all, including people in wheelchairs or using mobility scooters.

The council voiced its allegations whilst giving an update on the new footbridge for Avenida Chayofita which, said councillor for works José Luis Gómez, “people have a right to be able to cross with safety.”

He said it was totally mandatory to replace all the walkways constructed under the previous council because they did not meet the current legislation. He said the breaches included lack of accessibility for all and no lighting which affected security.

He claimed they were “built overnight” at a cost of more than 600,000 euros without prior consultation with residents.

The new footbridge will be about 50 metres per side and will be integrated into the landscape, accessible and illuminated. It will also allow access to schools, colleges and sports centres in the area.

“This is a completely transparent project and we have consulted citizens because it was in our electoral programme, which was voted by the majority of Arona citizens, and will follow an administrative procedure that guarantee the participation of all,” he pledged.