|Friday, January 18, 2019
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Stay calm when faced with a medical drama, says 112 


Emergency medics in the Canary Islands are stressing the need to stay calm if confronted with a medical drama and say a life-saving incident in Gran Canaria proves the point.

The 112 control room is able to give valuable advice over the phone after receiving a call and pending the arrival of the experts.

They say these first few moments could be crucial so it is imperative that the person on the spot with the victim listens very carefully to them and follows their instructions.

Just recently, this was the case with a woman who collapsed at her home in Las Palmas.

A family member called 112 after detecting that she was not well. Over the phone, she told the emergency doctor in the control room about the woman’s symptoms and was asked to check her vital signs.

It was deduced she was in cardiac arrest so the person with her was advised to lie her on the floor and follow the instructions to perform cardiac massage until an ambulance arrived. This proved a success and her heartbeat was retrieved. Medics stabilised her condition before she was taken to hospital.

“Teleassistance from the SUC to the first responder is key to the survival of those affected,” said a spokesman for the 112 service.

This relates not just to cardiorespiratory arrest but also to wounds and airwave obstructions as in choking.

“To do it correctly, it is not necessary to have health knowledge, since you can always count on the help through the telephone of the coordinating doctor of the SUC, present 24 hours every day of the year in the operating rooms of 112,” said the spokesman.