|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Miraculous escape for rally driver 


A rally driver missed serious injury or even death by centimetres after his car nearly plummeted down a rocky ravine.

Fate was on the side of Pole Tomasz Kasperczyk as he took part in the Rally Islas Canarias.

His car was travelling at speed along a mountain road before it veered sideways into the crash barrier.

The vehicle would have plunged over the side and down the ravine had it not been for the metal railings. Luckily, the rally car came to stop with two of its wheels hanging precariously over the edge.

Kasperczyk was able to get out and hurried away from the car, unharmed and holding up a banner with the words “OK”.

The amazing escape happened in the middle of the race in Gran Canaria.

Tomasz Kasperczyk later tweeted: “Wow, I had the crash the year” and posted extra footage from inside the car.

He and his co-driver were forced to withdraw from the second stage of the race due to the damage sustained by their car. The problem was reportedly due to the brakes.