|Friday, June 22, 2018
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Lucky escape as landslide destroys part of an old Spanish village 


This is the incredible devastation caused when part of a Spanish village was wiped out by a landslide but everyone survived!

Three houses in Alcaniz in Aragon were completely destroyed, others damaged and 33 people made temporarily homeless after they were evacuated from their homes at the foot of a hill.

Miraculously, one of the residents had woken up in the middle of the night and heard “loud rumbling noises”. She alerted the police who told sleeping neighbours to get out of their homes with speed.

The decision saved lives because at 5am, the hillside above the old houses gave way, sweeping stones, mud and dirt down the mountainside and onto the houses.

Three of the properties were flattened and others dama-ged, as well as cars parked on the road.

The quick-thinking resident who helped to avoid a tragedy first alerted the police at 2am. A passing patrol car stopped at the scene and all 12 occupiers of the three houses were woken up and told of the danger.

Other people living nearby were also evacuated.

Just a few hours later, their homes with all their possessions inside had been destroyed.

“Some loose stone had already fallen on other occasions but nothing which could have led anyone to imagine what happened today,” said a council spokesman.