|Friday, June 22, 2018
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British man’s death reignites call for more bike safety measures 

An 86-year-old British cyclist killed in Mallorca when involved in an accident with a car was named as Bryan Stout, a stalwart bike safety campaigner in the UK.

Representatives of the “StopKillingCyclists” group said they were “absolutely heartbroken” over his death and have vowed to keep fighting for those who choose to travel by bike.

Mr. Stout, who was out cycling on the island whilst on holiday, was described as “a dedicated and diligent crusader and advocate for cycling and cyclists”.

The fatal accident happened when a car collided with his bike in Port d’Alcúdia.

The 48-year-old driver, said to live locally, was reported to have tested positive for both excess alcohol and drugs.

Mr. Stout’s death has caused outrage , not just amongst the cycling fraternity in the UK but in Spain as well.

“In Spain the penalties for traffic and drug use should be hardened, instead of legalising consumption as some people ask,” tweeted one person on hearing the news.

“We need a criminal change, until there are strong penalties, people will continue to drink drive. and drugged,” said another.

Mr. Stout was a tireless campaigner for safety cycling in London. He was a member of the London Cycling Campaign. He was also vice-president of the Catford Cycling Club.

“As one of the co organisers of Stop Killing Cyclists can I say how awful it is to hear this. Our thoughts are with you at this dreadful time,” said Nicola George of the Hamilton branch.

“He has made the world safer with his campaigning and I’m sure we are all grateful for his efforts, and this just goes to show how much more work there is to be done,” said Gavin Hudson.