|Friday, August 23, 2019
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Woman arrested for placing listening device in child’s teddy 

A scorned wife was arrested by the police for trying to eavesdrop on her ex-husband by putting a microphone in their daughter’s teddy!

The woman and a friend face prosecution for a crime of evasion of privacy following discovery of the device in the cuddly toy’s head.

The teddy was decapitated so the wife could insert the tiny microphone and recording device inside before it was zipped back up. It was then given back to the child, an unwilling collaborator in the espionage!

The unusual crime was revealed by Spanish police where officers in Burjassot, Valencia were called in to investigate after the listening device was discovered.

“The woman, helped by another, placed this device to listen to conversations that the child might have with her exhusband,” said a spokesman.

The woman are aged 29 and 34 and have both been released on bail pending further investigations.

The fate of the teddy is not known!