|Friday, August 23, 2019
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Tourist town becomes the first place in Spain to introduce gay traffic lights 

A popular tourist town has become the first place in Spain to introduce gay traffic lights.

Council leaders in San Fernando in Cadiz say the idea has been tried in both Vienna and London but never before in Spain.

Ten new signals have been installed at pedestrian crossings around the town centre. They show two women or two men embracing or holding hands with a heart inbetween.

Councillor for social policies, Ana Lorenzo said the idea was suggested a year ago by gay rights groups as part of an action plan against homophobia and other sexual orientations.

“There are many types of couples, not just heterosexuals, and it’s what we want people to see in a normal way like crossing a street,” she said.

Vienna introduced gay traffic lights in 2015 to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest and London did the same to celebrate Gay Pride Day.

The council says the initiative hasn’t cost a penny as inclusion of the images of gay couples was included in the original brief to the traffic signal providers.

Generally, the idea has gone down well but the authority says it is disgusted that shortly after their installation, vandals threw paint at some of the traffic lights.

Ana Lorenzo said the attack was “detestabe and deplorable” but new initiatives usually prompted some objections.

“The people who are against always makes more noise than the one that is in favour,” she said.

Other Spanish cities, including Madrid, have already expressed their interest in adopting the same idea.

Ana Lorenzo said: “We will continue to work for a society free of all discrimination and exclusion based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We believe that the visibility of sexual diversity is an essential tool to move towards a society free of prejudice and these traffic lights will come to help this great work that lies ahead”.