|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Tougher stance on abandoned cars 


Puerto de la Cruz has improved the ratios in the collection of abandoned vehicles following new measures.

During 2016, 86 procedures were initiated for urban vehicles to be treated as urban waste according to the data of the Abandoned Vehicles Report. Of these, 39 were initiated by being in the public highway and 38 were in the municipal deposit.

Of all the files initiated, 62 of them corresponded to the year 2016 and 18 originated in the year 2015 but were completed the following year.

The reasons for scrapping were abandonment either on the public roads or left in the municipal compound with no answers from the owners who failed to comply with deadlines for their removal.

“We continue to work to have an ever more orderly and clean city, as well as being more respectful of the environment,” said councillor for Institutional Relations and Public Safety, Pedro Ángel González Delgado.

With regard to other years, in 2005, 65 files were completed, in 2014 there were 104 and in 2013, 94 were completed. In 2013, 68 were initiated on the public highway and 26 in the municipal depot. In 2014, 77 were found in the public highway and 27 in the municipal depot. In 2015, 40 were in the public hig-hway and 25 in the municipal depot.

The legislation establishes the obligation of the City Council to collect waste, as well as the procedure by which a vehicle is considered abandoned after a series of warnings and requirements.