|Friday, June 22, 2018
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Ten suitcases contained 400 kilos of smelly fish 


Police who stopped two women as they tried to get on board a ferry from Huelva to the Canary Islands with ten suitcases found 400 kilos of fish inside!

The fresh and semi-dried fish was wrapped in sheets and blankets impregnated with lemon juice to try and cover up the smell.

Officers who made the unusual find said the fish was not suitable for public consumption.

The two women, both native of Guinea with Portuguese nationality, were in a car which was checked as it waited to drive on to the ferry.

Police became suspicious when they noticed the ten suitcases and even more so because of the smell coming from them.

“The fish lacked all the necessary hygienic controls and had no documentation, invoices, labelling or proper packaging,” said a spokesman.

Approximately 400 kilos of large fish and different spe-cies were seized. All of it had to be destroyed.