|Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Police hit home importance of bullet-proof vests 


A police officer escaped death by centimetres after a home-made arrow thr-wn by a man going be-serk in a Spanish hotspot pierced his bullet-proof vest.

He was also struck on the ear by the same spear-like metal weapon and his colleague had to shoot the attacker to avoid a tragedy.

Police in Spain have been stressing the importance of body armour and say this horrific incident in Estepona on the Costa del Sol proves the point.

The hole in the officer’s bullet-proof vest was clearly visible after the confrontation which started when the man was stopped in the street and asked for identification.

It is understood he is a 28-year-old hermit who lives in the mountains around Malaga and makes his own weapons.

He was taken to hospital with three gunshot wounds, two to his abdomen and one in his wrist.

There are reports that he previously tried to attack the police with an axe and is known to have a violent streak.

Witnesses said the man threw the spear made with a nail at one of the two officers and then ran away.

It struck the policeman on the ear but both were able to give chase and caught up with the attacker after a few minutes.

“He then threw the spear at the injured officer again but it pierced his bullet-proof vest,” said a spokesman.

The other officer is said to have fired a warning shot before shooting the man. He was taken to a local health centre and then to Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella for an emergency operation which he survived.

Police believe he is suffering from some kind of mental illness but he will be examined by doctors.

The arrow was made from an underwater fishing spear