|Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Outrage as python pictured eating new-born puppy 

Police have confirmed they are to prosecute the owner of a python after a gruesome picture of the snake apparently eating a live puppy appeared on the internet.

The woman, who has not been identified, was advertising the five-year-old 5ft long Royal python through a for sale portal.

The graphic ad included a photograph of the snake curled up over a new-born puppy which, police say, they are treating as genuine. It is also claimed that the python’s owner said she fed her pet live kittens, as well as birds.

Police were called in after complaints from an animal welfare organisation which spotted the advertisement on the internet.

“A representative of the group contacted the woman who told her over Whatsapp that she fed it live puppies and kittens,” said a spokesman. The incident happened in Loja which is in Granada, Spain and has led to widespread revulsion and disgust.

The nature protection arm of the Civil Guard, Seprona, says it constitutes animal cruelty and the owner will be brought to court.

The woman has apparently admitted telling a potential buyer that he fed the python new-born puppies, kittens and chicks.

She is believed to be 22 years of age.

The Civil Guard has confirmed the prosecution on the grounds of mistreatment of animals.

“The facts were denounced by an animal protection association,” said the spokesman