|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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More illegal dog fights discovered on Costa del Sol 

Police in Spain are continuing with their crackdown on illegal dog fights with more raids, this time on the mainland.

Following the atrocities discovered in Tenerife, attention recently turned to the Costa del Sol where a similar gang was busted.

As part of an operation codenamed “Kennels”, officers with Seprona, the environmental arm of the Civil Guard, arrested four people for several crimes of animal abuse related to dog fights.

The investigation began last August at the request of the courts in Fuengirola which took possession of videos showing dog fighting as part of another case.

Police said there were scenes of dogs involved in fights and suffering deep wounds from which they bled profusively. The videos also showed how the owners and assistants encouraged the dogs to confront each other violently.

The Civil Guard was also able to identify the place and date of the commission of the crimes in addition to the organisers and participants.

The fights were arranged in various locations, details of which were relayed via the internet and social network sites.

One of the regular venues were kennels where a ring was set up and music played at full blast.

“Even so, the howls, barks and shrieks of the dogs could be heard from the outside,” said a police spokesman.

The injured dogs did not receive any sort of medical treatment but were simply sprayed with water afterwards.

It was also discovered that special machines were used to increase the strength and muscle mass of the dogs who were deliberately bred for fighting.

“The agents have been able to determine that these fights have been produced from the year 2011 until the beginning of the year 2016,” said the spokesman.