|Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Cocaine found stashed inside container of logs 

Police have seized nearly a ton of cocaine worth million of pounds hidden amongst logs waiting to be smuggled out of the port of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

The 928 kilograms is the largest ever haul in south-east Asia and was discovered by the local drugs squad working alongside officers from the States and the Spanish Civil Guard.

The drug was hidden between the cargo of two containers carrying logs of wood destined for a company in India.

The container ship carrying the cargo had left Ecuador last October, making stops in Belgium and Saudi Arabia.

 ”This is the largest seizure of cocaine in south-east Asia and reveals the constant evolution of criminal organisations and the new routes used for drug trafficking,” said a police spokesman.

Shipment of cocaine by sea through the use of containers is one of the methods most used by criminal organisations. The main ports of destination for these containers are European but seizures are now being detected in south-east Asian countries.

The main method of concealment is the one commonly known as “blind hook” or “rip off”.

Smuggling gangs deliberately target legitimate containers at the docks and stash their illegal haul inside without the owners knowing. It is then collected at the destination before the real contents are unloaded.