|Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Arona signs vital deal for care and transport of dementia patients 


Arona council and the social arm of “La Caixa” have signed an agreement for the adapted transport of people with Alzheimer or Parkinson’s Disease to specialised centres.

More than 20 residents will be able to count on this daytime resource, three times a week, from April 17th.

The deal also applies to those who have other high dependency conditions. The service will be free of charge and has the benefit of allowing the patients to receive specialised care and day care for three days a week which will help their carers.

Councillor for social services, Elena Cabello Moya and acting Mayoress Dácil León Reverón signed the agreement at a ceremony attended by the director of the business area of CaixaBank in Tenerife West , Pilar Quiroga Gutiérrez, and the director of the CaixaBank office of Arona centre, Rosabel Álvarez González.

Elena Cabello Moya explained that this adapted transport is “an interim measure to guarantee the coverage of this assistance for people with cognitive impairment, since we are making arrangements, with regular meetings with the various associations, to have resources for specialised care in Arona” . In addition, she thanked the Social Work “La Caixa” for financially supporting this project of the Social Services Board.

“It is very important not only to help the person affected, but also to protect the caregiver,to give quality care and safeguard the protection and rights of people with dementias, Alzheimer and Parkinson, and also those who exercise caregivers, ” says Elena Cabello Moya.

The number of people likely to benefit from this service in Arona is at least 20 and it is planned that the adapted transport will start operating on April 17th. In addition, it is open to users of municipal social services who require care or monitoring of pathologies such as diabetes or hemophilia.

The “La Caixa” Obra Social will also finance the acquisition by the Board of Trustees of a crane that facilitates the mobilisation of the large dependents, as well as a moveable bed, in addition to the more than 20 already available in the Banco de Technical assistance from the Home Care Service of the Municipality of Arona, which also provides users with resources such as wheelchairs, crutches, bath chairs or walkers.