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Top filmmakers head for Arona for new artistic event 


Arona is to host its first International Filmmakers Encounter with experts giving tips and shedding new light on the industry and the image of the municipality.

“Aronias” from March 10th to March 18th was born as a formative project for young people that aims to streng-then social bonds through artistic experience.

Although it is mostly involving invited students, there is a session which is open to the general public.

“The International Filmmakers Encounter will involve local youth in the realisation of three experiences with film professionals, in such a way that their perception of the municipality, the identity and the implication with the same are reinforced and reflected in the final result of the work,” a spokesman explained. “The purpose of the expe-rience is to strengthen the bond of residents with Arona through artistic creation, in this case audiovisual.”

This municipality-citizen dialogue will be carried out with the guidance of six film-makers, two for each group.

Arona’s education councillor, Leopoldo Díaz Oda stressed the importance of “supporting the artistic and cinematographic vocations of our youth and supporting culture as a form of social progress. “

The event’s director, José Miguel Viñas stressed that Aronías intends “to turn the municipality of Arona into a space for reflection, learning and audiovisual literacy, to learn to understand cinema and bring citizens to the different aspects of cinematography. “

Although two of the projects will be carried out with students from two institutes of the municipality, the third is open to the public, with free registration. This is in the cultural centre in Los Cristianos. This venue will also host an exhibition on March 18th to see the work achieved during the event.

The full programme is on http:/www.arona.org