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Spain’s largest maze offers owner’s telephone number in case you get lost! 

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Could you get out of this maze? Spain’s biggest ever labyrinth is about to open to the public but beware, you might not be able to get out!

The monster maze has been created by a forest ranger and pinewood seller who nearly went bankrupt because he couldn’t sell enough wood during the economic recession.

But instead of giving up, Emilio Perez decided to create the country’s largest ever maze from his left-over trees.

The result is around 5,000 square metres, almost half the size of a football pitch, using 4,000 trees to form dead-ends and cunning twists and turns which are set to drive visitors bonkers!

The incredible maze is in Villapresente in the municipality of Reocín in Cantabria.

The green hedges are around 6ft high so only the tallest people will be able to peep over the top for clues and the total route is three and half kilometres.

The project was started four years ago and at first, local residents had no idea what was going on.

“They thought it was a plantation and were very surprised when they found out it was a labyrinth,” explained Emilio who will be running the tourist attraction with his daughter.

The average time to solve the maze is just over an hour with the quickest times taking approximately half an hour.

“It was difficult to construct because every two or three metres, I had to leave a gap,” said Emilio.

Just in case you can’t get out, everyone who buys a ticket will get the owner’s telephone number to call for help!

Hopefully, he will answer because he is the only one who knows the way out!

The Villapresente maze is set to open on April 8th.