|Friday, June 22, 2018
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Güímar calls on municipalities to unite against animal cruelty 


Güímar has pledged to do all it can to stamp out animal cruelty and wants all the municipalities of the island to join in.

There was widespread shock recently when a major network running illegal dog fighting champìonships was discovered in Tenerife, including on a rural finca in the Guimar area. Arrests were made and more than 200 dogs seized which were being kept under appalling conditions.

On February 27th, a meeting took place between the repre-sentatives of the Canaria Solidaria against Animal Cruelty Network, Abel Román and Domingo Chávez, and the Mayor of Güímar, Carmen Luisa Castro Dorta.

In it, they exposed the seriousness of the current situation regarding animal abuse, seeking the joint coordination between the mayor and those responsible for the Canarian Network in the implementation of immediate measures against ani-mal abuse.

They consider that “mis-treatment of animals, of any kind, simply for sporting recreation, such as hunting and cockfighting, is morally unspeakable.”

“Animal abuse, from the creation of unnecessary pain and stress, with due neglect of basic care, to their own murder, has been a major social problem, but, fortunately, there is growing awareness about the atrocious character of a public entertainment based on the mistreatment of a living being,” said the council in a statement.

Nevertheless, the meeting in Guimar agreed that other aspects of animal cruelty, such as cockfighting, might not be so well-known and was the duty of the Canary Govern-ment to control because of its legality in some areas.

Guimar council wants to see these fights eliminated and is calling for legislation and checks to make sure any dogs used in hunting are in good condition and that they should never be mistreated.

It is also calling on the Canary Government to donate 50 per cent of its donations to animal research to alternative means rather than using animals in laboratorios.