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“End these unbearable queues on the south motorway” Arona council urges 

The Mayor of Arona has asked for the involvement of all political groups to end the queues on Tenerife’s south motorway.

José Julián Mena and the councillor for transport, education and culture, Leopoldo Díaz Oda, held a meeting in the Town Hall with the second secretary of the Parliamentary Bureau of the Canary Islands, Héctor Gómez Hernández.

Sr. Mena requested the involvement of the Socialist Parliamentary Group to implement, urgently and with the backing of the Regional Chamber, a solution to the “daily collapse of the southern highway, an unbearable situation which is causing serious problems of mobility and security in the municipality and in an entire region that is the main focus of employment and economic growth of the island.”

The Mayor stressed the seriousness of the situation and how unhappy local residents were. He said “no solution was being activated by the executive” so Arona council felt it necessary to bring the problem out in the open, both to inform people and to ask Parliament to help unlock the situation.

“Tens of thousands of people are stuck on the TF-1 several times a day and for hours,” he said.

The council is specifically asking for a solution to the congestion and as soon as possible. However, it also wants action to improve the interchanges with Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos (which includes access from the motorway to the south hospital and the port and hence the island’s connections with the other islands).

Sr. Gomez informed the Mayor of the projects related to the municipality that have been reflected in the General Budgets of the Autonomous Community, which includes the IES Guaza Parque la Reina, the extension of the promenade of Las Vistas and the drafting of the extension project of the Official School of Languages. In addition, the second secretary of Parliament’s Bureau wanted to know first-hand the main needs and demands of the municipality.

The Mayor thanked Héc-tor Gómez for his “magnifi-cent willingness to contribute to the development of the municipality and defend in Parliament the demands of the citizens of Arona, a town with almost 100,000 inhabitants, which received 1.5 million tourists last year and one of the main centres of economic development and employment of the isl-and “.

Among the issues raised for inclusion in the Regional Budgets of 2018 are the construction of an FP institute in Los Cristianos, Las Galletas health centre, subsidies and real impact for the municipality of the recent declaration of the port of Los Cristianos In the Trans-European Transport Network.

In addition, support was requested for the develop-ment of educational and sanitary infrastructures at the local level, as well as at the commercial level, as well as the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development strategy that Arona intends to implement.