|Monday, January 21, 2019
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“Eight euros a month” TV scam leads to arrests in Canaries 

Four people have been arrested in the Canary Islands and Valencia for running a pay for TV scam costing just eight euros a month.

Four others are under investigation, the National Police have confirmed, following complaints, including from the Professional Football League.

A spokesman said that in the Canaries, they discovered an organisation, based both in the archipelago and in Holland, that was dedicated to the sale and distribution of satellite decoders and CCCAM lines under subscription.

“This allowed the access to pay television contents in-fringing Intellectual Property rights,” he said.

In Torrent (Valencia), a complaint by the Professional Football League has allowed the arrest of the head of a company for offering illicit subscriptions to payment channels which many restaurants in the city had subscribed to.

“The operation developed in the Canary Islands followed a complaint made by a digital television distribution company, in which they reported the activity of several people settled in the archipelago dedicated to the fraudulent sale of digital television signal,” said the spokesman.

” Once this information was received, the agents initiated an investigation that allowed the identification of these people, and confirmed that they distributed satellite decoders and CCCAM lines under subscription, which, once the devices were configured, allowed access to at least 100 payment channels of different operators, in exchange for a monthly fee of eight euros,” he explained.

“It was also learned that the organisation had a network of customers that paid a monthly subscription through various payment accounts in the names of front men.”

The investigation also led to the discovery of a computer solutions company in the city of Doesbourg, where the organi-sation had rented a series of servers from which television content was broadcast to its client network.

It’s estimated that the dismantled organisation, dedicated to the commission of crimes against intellectual property, would have generated in eight months a fraudulent income of more than 70,000 euros and a loss to television operators during the same period of more than 1,000,000 euros .