|Friday, August 23, 2019
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Dog trapped in lift presses SOS button for help! 

A plucky pooch which got stuck in a railway station lift was freed by security officers after it pressed the emergency button!

Stunned staff say they are used to getting SOS calls from people unable to get out but even they were surprised when they found the commuter was of the canine variety.

The amazing incident happened on a busy metro line in Spain in the early hours of the morning and has been confirmed by the Centre of Security and Civil Protection which posted details on Facebook and Twitter.

The dog, wearing a red collar and believed to have been separated from its owner, got trapped in the lift at the Torre Baró / Vallbona station in Barcelona.

The security officers tweeted: “Receiving calls for help is bread and butter for the staff of the Centre of Security and Civil Protection. What happens less often is to get a call from a dog!”

They continued: “The dog was left locked in the lift to the reception area of the metro, line 11, on a Saturday morning at around 5am. Shortly after, a call came to the SOS centre from the same lift. When the operator connected to the lift via the security cameras, he saw it was a dog which had used the alarm push button! In fact, it also pressed the other buttons in the lift.”

“The animal, wearing a collar, must have got lost because once it was out, it was very disorientated. A team of security guards and lots of commuters tried to catch it but it ran away. Finally, however, the dog was caught by the police.”