|Friday, January 18, 2019
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Arona doubles number of heart machines with 12 new defibs 

Arona has placed itself at the fore-front of defibrillator coverage with the installation of 12 more devices.

The municipality already has a total of 24 defibrillators, which is one for every 3,300 residents, a figure well above the national average, which is one device per 18,000 inhabitants.

Arona defibrillators are geo-localised and have been installed on soccer fields, civic and cultural centres and municipal offices.

It means Arona is one of the municipalities across the country with a better coverage in this type of device which can restore a normal heart rate by applying an electric shock in the few key minutes after an attack to potentially save a life.

The new equipment has been installed in the cultural centres of La Camella, Parque La Reina, Urbanización Virgen del Carmen, Cabo Blanco, Los Cristianos and Valle San Lorenzo; in the police station of the Local Police of Arona; in the Civic Centre of El Fraile; in the Auditorium Infanta Leonor of Los Cristianos, in the Business Centre of Las Galletas; in Arona Town Hall and in the local fines office, also in Arona.

All of them add to the existing dozen and are geolocated, which allows them to be quickly located over the internet.

The rest of the defibrillators, which were installed throughout the year 2015, are located in the artificial grass football fields of Villa Isabel, Valle San Lorenzo, Annex of Los Cristianos, Buzanada, Cabo Blanco and Arona centre; the natural grass football field of Villa Isabel; the covered Pavilions of Villa Isabel, Las Galletas and Arona and in the wrestling centres of Cabo Blanco and Valle San Lorenzo.