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Worth knowing facts about water in house, garden and pool 


The company Tenerife Verde Fleck & Partner S.L was established in Tenerife over 15 years ago. During this time the owners Kerstin Roskosch and Tom Fleck gained a lot of experience. They are well-versed with the very different conditions on the island.

They share this valuable experience, coupled with the knowledge of continuous training measures, with their regular or new customers. This includes, among other things, the knowledge that there are very different drinking water qualities in many municipa-lities. The composition and quality of the water coming from the pipeline depends on many factors. In many places, for example, the fluorine contamination is so high that even the municipalities issue warnings, especially for children and seniors.

What kind of water do I have? The team of Tenerife Verde will be happy to provide you with this information, in collaboration with an independent laboratory. More important is the question: What to do if one’s own water belongs to the bad ones? The experts for garden and house also have an answer to this question. As a representative of CARBONIT active carbon filters in the Canaries, they are happy to build this water treatment system into the household or into the kitchen. In this way, organic and inorganic substances such as drug residues, pesticides and bacteria are effectively filtered on the water. There is also the possibility to treat drinking water by reverse osmosis. What comes out of the pipe is pure water, which can be conscientiously consumed. If you have a lot of lime in your water composition, you can install a kinetic, that is currentles, or electronic decalcification system.

In the garden water technology is relevant in a completely different form. Tenerife Verde plans, installs and maintains complete irrigation systems for large or even smaller gardens. Which system is suitable for me and how should it be switched on? These and many other questions are answered by the experts in consultations. In the meantime, there are even fully auto-matic irrigation systems that measure the rain, the light and the temperature or soil moisture and indepen-dently adjust the watering time and frequency based on these data. On request, even fertilizer can be added. Such a system pays for itself within a year as compared to manual irri-gation. It is worth to consider it.

Another topic that interests many is swimming pool technology. Which plant on chlorine, aciv-oxygen or salt water basis should I take? How does measuring and correct dosage work? Kerstin Roskosch and Tom Fleck are allways happy to advise their customers. Individually tailo-red solutions tailored to their own needs are their specialty. There is, for example, a remote access to check the swimming pool in Tenerife when you are in England. WI-FI and SMS keep the pool owner informed about its current state. The two owners can report on what is useful and what works well, and also take over the maintenance of the plant. In addition, they have experience with ponds of any size as well as wells, which are equipped with biological filters such as gravity filters for garden ponds or UVC biofilters as well as pressure filters. Suitable with or without fishes. The 17-strong team of Kerstin Roskosch and Tom Fleck is well trained and is continuously trained so that the crew is always up-to-date. If you are interested, you can arrange an individual consultation by telephone. On the website you can find further information as well as island-wide refe-rence addresses.