|Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Virtual reality arrives at Santa Cruz Carnival 


More people than ever before are able to enjoy the delights of the famous Santa Cruz Carnival, thanks to new technology.

Tenerife’s capital has already started the 2017 programme which is gearing up to the big celebrations, including the main “Coso” with its spectacular parade on February 28th and two Carnivals of the Day on February 26th and March 4th.

Thousands of revellers will make sure they are in the city in person to take part in the fun.

But for those who can’t, the city council has teamed up with the Canary company I Love the World so the party can be enjoyed in virtual reality mode around the world.

The novel project ‘I Love Carnaval’ is available for mobile devices or computer screens and will cover all the events.

Councillor for Fiestas, Gladis de León said: “This initiative will help us to continue integrating the events and parties to be held on the streets of Santa Cruz with a device that will allow us to nourish and enjoy Carnival and make it even more easily accessible.”

Santa Cruz also hopes “I Love Carnaval” will also help to spread the fame of the carnival throughout the world as it is alreadu deemed second only to Rio.

Full details of Santa Cruz Carnival 2017 are available on www.carnavaldetenerife.com