|Friday, June 22, 2018
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Santa Cruz pool reopens after seven-month facelift 


The municipal swimming pool Acidalio Lorenzo in Santa Cruz has reopened its doors.

The complex, which can be used by the general public and sports clubs, has gained a third pool of 25 by 4.5 metres.

The official reopening following seven months of improvement work and updating was marked by a competition.

The finished product was much praised by those present, having transformed the pool into a modern and first-class facility, comparable to those that now host international tournaments.

The Mayor of the city, José Manuel Bermúdez, stressed that this infrastructure “will be 53 years old in 2017 and needed an urgent remodelling to correct certain problems that it presented in previous seasons.

“The investment made has allowed us to improve it to reach more users with new pool and a better look,” he said.

The reform work began in May and has lasted for almost eight months, with an investment of 1,323,654.87 euros.

“It was worth it because it allowed us to recover a symbol of swimming in the Canary Islands,” said the Mayor who thanked “the disposition and sacrifice of all clubs and users and the collaboration of institutions and entities that have given us their facilities during this time.”

After the upgrade, the pool of 50 metres has seen its dimensions expanded to 25 metres wide. It can be divided into ten lanes of 2.5 metres each but will also allow the pool to be used transversely, becoming a pool 25 metres wide with 20 lanes.

The reform allows a notable improvement in the management and use of the pool, solving the problem of the water replenishment and the cost of its treatment. It has also facilitated the maintenance of the temperature during the winter, with the installation of an isothermal blanket in the three pools. Between chemicals, energy and water, there will be a saving of about 100,000 euros per year.

The work includes the improvement of lighting, new paving and the installation of a railing that prevents the access of people who are not users, both in the pool of 50 metres and in the 25 metre one.

The facilities are used by four swimming clubs and there are about 130 children enrolled in municipal swimming schools.

The pool is located in avenida Benito Pérez Armas.