|Friday, June 22, 2018
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Defrauded electricity in Canaries equalled La Gomera’s entire usage! 

Electricity fraud in the Canaries reached such proportions last year that energy illegally sourced was the equivalent of the entire power used by La Gomera.

Endesa detected more than 62 million kilowatt/hour (kWh) in the Canary Islands last year, which resulted from more than 5,000 cases of fraud detected from inspections.

The kilowatts of energy consumed fraudulently and detected by the company in the archipelago almost doubled those of the previous year and, as then, the great majority corresponds to companies and not to private citizens.

In the whole of its area of influence in Spain, the company has brought to light more than 110,000 cases of fraud in 2016, which has allowed the recovery of 1.4 billion kWh.

Endesa said in a statement that it maintains a “very intense” line of work to fight against electricity fraud, as this means, in many cases, putting at risk the safety and health of people who live or are close to the fraudster. The company warns that manipulated installations do not comply with safety regulations and generate a significant risk not only for those who handle them but also for people who live or move in the vicinity of those facilities.

Eighty per cent of the detec-ted fraud is attributable to companies from various industrial and service sectors; and of the remaining 20 per cent, more than 80 per cent was due to individuals with high levels of consumption; less than one per cent of the fraud committed in Spain is due to illegal connections carried out by low-income families.

According to Endesa, the data show that fraud is, above all, an illegal resource used by some companies and large domestic consumers to lower their electricity bill at the expense of all other consumers. Thus, the negative impact of fraud does not only have an impact on electricity companies, but, as with tax fraud, it directly affects the resources of other companies and citizens, as it translates into an increase of the electric bill they pay.