|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Capital toughens up pet ownership rules with greater fines 

Santa Cruz has approved a new set of rules over animal protection and ownership.

The document, which was on public display since July 2016, has been agreed with animal groups and the College of Veterinarians who made various suggestions.

Councillor for the en-vironment, Carlos Correa, said one of the main novelties of the new ordinance is the requirement that all pets in the capital carry the correspond-ing identification chip or an alternative method if they are very small animals.

“With this measure, we can know the identity of its rightful owner in case of loss or theft and, likewise, to stop abandonment,” he explained.

Now, with the entry into force of this regulation, owners will have three months to place the mandatory chip to all their pets.

“It is an ordinance that collects, fundamentally the protection and defence of animals. This is an active document, which may even evolve to adapt to the new circumstances, ” he added.

Sanctions have also been increased to the maximum level allowed by Canary law.

Those citizens who do not pay the corresponding penalty or who claim lack of financial resources to face their payment will have to perform a certain number of hours of community work.

The document also regulates the possession of exotic animals and potentially dangerous animals, including some breeds of dogs.