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Cabildo backs “metroguagua” project pioneered by Las Palmas 

LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA (Canarias). 13/02/2017.- El presidente del Cabildo, Antonio Morales, se reunió hoy con el concejal de Movilidad de la capital grancanaria, José Eduardo Ramírez, y compareció tras esa reunión para informar de la aportación de la Institución insular al proyecto de la metroguaga de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. ©Cabildo de Gran Canaria

The president of Gran Canaria Cabildo, Antonio Morales, has announced that the island corporation will allocate eight million euros to the metroguagua project .

It therefore becomes the first institution to commit to this important project of sustainable and modern mobility using minibuses.

A formal agreement with the city council of Las Palmas was due to be signed on February 20th.

The initial forecast is to have two million euros a year from 2017 to 2020, explained Sr. Morales, who expressed his desire that the Canarian government and State also commit to this project that will benefit the population of the capital of Gran Canaria and the 900,000 inhabitants of the island.

Councillor for mobility of Las Palmas, José Eduardo Ramírez described the announcement as great news for the city.

He too hoped to add new contributions from other administrations because it was an initiative that will “revolutionise” transport in the city and on the island.

A loan deal is to be signed in Luxembourg but he expressed the wish that there would be other contributions and possibly five million euros from the Cabildo. There would therefore be eight million euros to pay for this costly project that will lead to “an urban revolution”.

The city council has designed a sustainable urban mobility plan that aims to achieve an efficient, clean and reasonable alternative to solve their problems.

“It’s about maintaining well-connected neighbourhoods, quality public transport, important also because it guarantees equality and offers a public service that allows people with fewer resources to have a comprehensive mobility service in the whole of the city,” he explained.

Sr. Morales said the Cabildo was fully behind Las Palmas as one of its platform was sustainable mobility.

“We cannot leave this Las Palmas alone in this bid for an absolutely necessaey infrastructure for the transport of the island of Gran Canaria,” he said.