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Progressive glasses: Expensive versus cheap? 

Why should I invest in good glasses for my eyes?

Nowadays there are many offers on TV with tempting prices and it gives us doubts when it comes to investing.

Just like there are high-end cars or plasma televisions, there are high and low range progressive glasses too.

Both with a low-end car and a high-end car we can move, but the high-end car will provide us with more security, sophistication, tranquillity and comfort.

Many of us have a friend or a neighbour who has never adapted to using progressive glasses or lenses which might put us off using this type of glasses.

A low-range progressive does not mean it does not allow you to see, it means that the transition zones between far and near are not smooth, there are more aberrations in the lens, there is more field limitation.

This will require self-learnings and depending on each person will take more or less time. The effect is like looking “through a tunnel.” It is not ideal for demanding people with their vision, dynamic, claustrophobic or impatient.

A high-end, personalised, latest generation progressive means that the field of vision is larger, avoiding the need to make head movements and providing greater sharpness and contrast, less aberrations, less distortion, more freedom of movement and more breadth of field ideal for sports or for driving.

The team at Visual Center Madhu has been offering “visual solutions” for 11 years and are specialists in progressive glasses, working with Rodenstock and Varilux and offering assurance of adaptation and satisfaction.

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