|Friday, July 3, 2020
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Lanzarote anti-litter campaign backed by island artists and Olympians 

Tourists who visit Lanzarote and fail to respect the environment by throwing down litter have received a sharp rebuke from environmental campaigners.

A host of top names have joined the Cabildo to raise awareness about the need to protect the island and its precious landscape.

They include surfer Franito Saenz, musician Jacobo Cáceres, photographer Joaquín Vera, Olympic athlete José Carlos Hernández, para Olympian Lionel Morales and artist Rufina Sant.

In total, nine familiar faces have added their voices to the “Lanzarote, your paradise. Take care of it” campaign.

“This paradise that is the island of Lanzarote is sometimes attacked by the attitude of those who do not always have the most appropriate behaviour of respect for the environment, throwing trash, plastics and other waste in protected and sensitive areas,” said a Cabildo spokesman.

The campaign was launched by island president, Pedro San Ginés who said it was vital to continue this message of public awareness in the biosphere reserve.

He stressed the importance of using the containers provided for the free deposit of waste and recycling and said more sites were being planned.

It was also intended to form cleaning brigades for the cleaning, conservation and maintenance of different strategic points of the island, such as beaches, protected and sensitive areas and roadsides.

But the Cabildo president stressed: “None of this is of use if people are not aware of the problem.”

The new campaign will use posters in strategic areas, such as the airport, and relay message through the social network, in addition to ads in the media, in cinemas etc. There will also be information at bus stops.

Various companies are also backing the “Take care of Lanzarote” campaign, including the airport authority AENA and other town councils on the island.