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Poinsettias, the truth 

During the Christmas period, Poinsettias are a popular Christmas plant and here in Tenerife they decorate the verges and roundabouts as well as being popular as house plants.

They are commonly thought of as poisonous for cats and kittens though and yes they are, the milky white sap found in poinsettias does contains poisonous chemicals.

But, whilst poinsettias are commonly “hyped” as poisonous plants, they rarely are, and the poisoning is greatly exaggerated. Far more worrisome are holiday bouquets containing lilies, holly or mistletoe. Even bouquets brought into the house by holiday guests should be thoroughly inspected, as lilies are the number one flower often used by florists.

Just one or two bites from a lily can result in severe acute kidney failure in cats, even the pollen is thought to be poisonous!

Other Yuletide pants such as holly berries, mistletoe, and rosemary can also be toxic to cats (and dogs).

When holly is ingested, it can result in severe gastroin-testinal upset thanks to the spiny leaves and the potentially toxic substances in the leaves. If ingested, most cats (and dogs) lip smack, drool, and head shake excessively due to the mechanical injury from the spiny leaves.

As for mistletoe, most of us hang it high enough so it’s out of reach of our pets but nevertheless, it can also be toxic if ingested. If ingested in large amounts, collapse, hypertension, ataxia (walking drunk), seizures and death can occur.

Keep your pets safe this holiday season and think carefully about the plants and flowers you have in your home.

Leukaemia and Feline Aids positive cats

Healthy infected cats may remain apparently unaffected by the virus for a long time with good supportive care and prompt attention to medical problems.

We find it incredibly difficult to find them homes though despite these cats having so much love to give. They need to be either an only cat or with only other positive cats but if you have other animals including dogs that’s not a problem these diseases are not transferable to other species.

Please consider giving Lucy a home she is a stunningly beautiful grey and white female. She’s obviously been a house cat as shes so friendly. She’s Feline Aids positive and will make an excellent companion, she’s spayed and will be provided with her first year’s vaccinations and a microchip. Whether it’s an adult or a kitten you are looking for ring or WhatsApp Maria on 646629129 (7 days a week 9.00 – 18.00), message us on Facebook or contact us from our website www.cats-welfare-tenerife.com.

Designer Sale

After the great success of our first Designer Sale in October we will be holding a second on 11th December at the Palms Bar, Golf de Sur.12.00 until 18.00. Dresses, tops, suits, shoes etc. for women, men, children and babies so something for everyone. Gucci, Coast, Monsoon, Yves, Saint Laurent, are just some of the names we have.


Good condition items can be dropped into the shop on San Blas in Golf del Sur (Behind Hiperdino). It is open seve days a week 10.00 until 18.00 but on Saturdays is open from 10.00 until 16.00. If you don’t have transport or have large bulky items such as furniture and household effects to donate please ring Mark on 636590557 and he will arrange collection from you.