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Special cash-back offer on your car, home and life insurance from Liberty Seguros 

Until December 21st 2016, Liberty Seguros is proud to offer 50 Euros Cash-Back on your car, home and life insurance premiums.

These Cash-Back offers apply to new policies issued and in force between September 27th to December 21st 2016 and are not for renewals or replacements. All insurances applicable to this promotion must be paid by direct debit and the cash-back is refunded directly into your bank account (within the SEPA zone). Minimum premiums will apply as will some conditions.

As Iván Ortego, Expatriate’s Experience Director at Liberty Seguros confirms:

“At Liberty Seguros we are totally transparent. Sure, there are minimum premiums with each of these special Cash-Back offers but clients can be assured that all of our brokers are fully briefed and will explain everything in detail before any policy is taken out. Anyone can put their trust in us without concern”

If you need car, home or life insurance, or perhaps, you’re not happy with your current provider, now is the perfect time to contact Liberty Seguros to get these extra Cash-Back offers! With Christmas just around the corner, 50 Euros is not to be sneezed at and as we all know, every little helps! Why not let Liberty Seguros give you a quote so you can see how competitively priced their products are?

Whether you live in Spain permanently or for just part of the year, join one of around 175,000 expats who already put their trust in Liberty Seguros. You may ask why so many choose Liberty? The simple answer is that they have around 300 brokers and agents who speak your language and are on hand to offer expert and professional advice, face to face, and not over a telephone, unless of course, that’s your preference?

Additionally, apart from car, home and life cover, Liberty Seguros offers Marine, Commercial (office and industrial), Pet, Leisure, like Golf and other pastimes and Sports, Personal and Public Liability Insurance too.

To contract insurance from Liberty Seguros, you can telephone 902 255 258 for an instant quote and the name of your nearest broker/agent or visit: www.libertyexpatriates.es

Alternatively, if you know where your nearest broker is, pop in for this latest promotion and get your ‘50€ cash-back’!